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Who We Are


Founded in 1950 by Mr. W.B. McCartney, Sr. with one used bulldozer and a note with four co-signers used to build drilling locations the company was born.


The local fuel and lube distributor passed away. At the same time, the new generation of drilling rigs were using diesel as fuel instead of propane. This presented an opportunity that transformed McCartney Oil into the company it is today. The newly formed fuel distributorship was branded Amoco on the fuel side and Amoco and Parade on the lubricants side.


As business progressed and more service stations were buying fuel the need arose to be a full service dealer to those customers. The TBA (tires, batteries, and accessories) was established with the addition of a BF Goodrich dealership.


Retirement. For the first 23 years of this young company, Mr. McCartney had a full time job as a toolpusher for Justiss Oil Company and it was time for him to make this his full time occupation.


Mr. McCartney’s second son Joe graduated from college and came back to Jena to run the McCartney Contracting arm of McCartney Oil Company/


Before Parade Oil products went out of business they were being packaged in Nederland, TX by the Citgo Corporation. A new contract was secured and our direct relationship with Citgo Lubes and Light Oils began.


Bulk plant was moved to the current location after the purchase of 35 acres on the outskirts of town. A new oil warehouse was added the same year.


Offices were added to the “new” complex and finally all aspects of the operation were on the same piece of ground.


Purchased Bulk Plant in Winnfield.


Purchased Bulk in Jonesboro.


Purchased Bulk Plant in Jonesville.


Purchased Bulk Plant in Winnsboro.


Purchased Bulk Plant in Oakdale.

Today we are still a family company run by Mr. McCartney’s two youngest sons Joe and Darrel McCartney. We are an aggressive company that seizes opportunities presented. We understand urgency and will continue to deliver the same first class service that we have for over fifty years.

What Our Clients Say

"I've been doing business with McCartney Oil for close to 30 years, and the products and customer service simply can't be beat."
Don Tant
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McCartney Oil has 5 convenient locations fully equiped and ready to serve Louisiana and surrounding areas.